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About us

Stergios Koutelidas is the founder and owner of “Stelios Black Garlic”. For the past 25 years, he has been deeply involved in the Food and Gastronomy field abroad. As a lover of the Mediterranean Diet, he has always sought out the most special raw materials. His first acquaintance with black garlic literally fascinated him. Himself, he described it as a multidimensional product, not only very versatile, but also able to transform other simple ingredients, not only in the field of gastronomy but also in the fields of pastry making, baked goods and cheese making.
Thus, with his repatriation to Greece and a vision of promoting a Greek product abroad, after many years of research, testing and experimentation, he himself entered the field of production of black garlic; a multifunctional product with outstanding beneficial properties for human health, singled out by the scientific community for its beneficial properties and characterized as one of the best superfoods today.
Upon being harvested from the fields, black garlic is kept for some time in an environment specifically designed for natural fermentation, in controlled temperature and humidity, without any human intervention with dyes, chemicals, or preservatives. Mr Koutelidas knows that natural fermentation is an art and requires special techniques, so he adds his personal touch through his know-how in the way he processes and guarantees the quality of the finished product.
He is a firm believer in a lifestyle of “pure raw materials in our diet”, following the teaching of Hippocrates, “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food”.


because.....black is always class!
The idea
The idea was born in warm Greece, during a dinner with friends of farmers in the middle of nature, in the harvest fields. The challenge of highlighting the Mediterranean diet with a unique and unique flavor and flavor of garlic, beyond the ordinary, was great. Through discussions with white garlic producers, research and study from contemporary literature, learning art and technique, we have decided to produce natural enzyme. We converted an old stainless steel chamber and, over the years, with many experiments, in the kitchen of our Zeus restaurant, we set our goal to achieve the desired ripening process and excellent quality. Two years later, after intensive work, a broken workshop and a bombed kitchen, we did it. Proper ripening and taste was now a reality! Black garlic, natural, without the addition of dyes and flavor enhancers and without the olfactory side effects of white.