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Organic Black Garlic Pearl

Organic Black Garlic PearlOrganic Black Garlic PearlOrganic Black Garlic Pearl

We really love what we chose to do. Every production, every product we prepare, behaves very politely, with respect. It is as if we are talking to him and this in turn gives us his answers. The above prologue has to do exactly with this product.
When we remove the garlic, after a long stay in the chambers, we need to give him some time to breathe. So place it in tanks. There you have the craving for us to come and throw away all its liquefied sugars. Black Garlic Molasses.
We named it ... a precious gift.
By using molecular knowledge we could only create something equally valuable. Black Pearl. With the power of the flavor of molasses and flavors of pine honey in such a small sphere that bursts and fills the palate.

Available in 100g pack.